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About Our Company

A leading specialty pharmaceutical company in Bridgewater Township, NJ


About Us

Solaris Pharma Corporation is a leading specialty pharmaceutical company committed to the identifying, developing and marketing of complex high-quality, generic and specialty pharmaceutical products. Solaris Pharma Corporation employs an experienced R&D and management team focused on right-first-time development while maintaining the highest quality standards. With a strong financial position and employee centric focus, the company strives to be a pacesetter in the niche pharmaceutical market.
Solaris Pharma Corporation is dedicated to developing a broad portfolio of complex generic and specialty pharmaceutical products to provide patients with alternative options for high quality, affordable, effective, generic and value-added products. We aim to achieve this based on sound science, while being cost-effective and time-efficient in product development, leading to rapid approvals by the Agency allowing for faster entry of our products into the market.
Our products are challenging to develop and manufacture with complexities arising from formulation & process development, regulatory hurdles, stability and scale up. In addition, a majority of the products require experimentally challenging in-vitro or in some instances expensive clinical studies, which act as a barrier to entry for many companies. Such products offer a niche market opportunity for Solaris Pharma Corporation.

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Solaris Pharma Corporation is currently developing several topical, sterile and tablet products, which are in different stages of development. The company has a dedicated team of committed and well-trained scientists along with experienced program managers and regulatory personnel who provide a robust product development process. The entire end-to-end product development process has been validated through multiple product approvals. A robust commercial infrastructure is in place to market our approved products. The commercial team has reinforced our success of timely product approvals by successfully launching multiple products under the Solaris label into the market. Solaris has established an excellent reputation of being a dependable supplier with greater than 99% approval rating.
The dosage forms that are being developed at our facility include: Topicals, Solutions, Suspensions, Ophthalmic and other sterile products and Tablets.

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